tekmarNet2 Thermostat - Two Stage Heat Zoom

tekmarNet2 Thermostat - Two Stage Heat


Brand: Tekmar

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Application: Heat Only
Heat Pump
2 Heat
Programmability: Non-Programmable
User Interface: Push Button
Mount: Horizontal
Options: Works with Sensor
Power Method: Hardwired
Temperature Range (F): 32° to 122°F
Color: White
Height: 2-7/8"
Width: 2-7/8"
Depth (Inches): 13/16"
Warranty: 3 Years
Power Supply: Provided by tekmarNet2 Control
Ambient Conditions: Indoor use only 32 to 122°F - RH less than or equal to 80% to 88°F down to 50% from 104 to 122°F
Relays: 24 V (ac) 2 A
Floor Sensor Compatible: Yes

Description for Tekmar 529

The tekmarNet® 2 Thermostat 529 is designed to operate mechanical equipment to deliver 2 stages of heat to a single zone within a hydronic heating system. It can be used with any terminal unit type, including radiant floor, baseboard, and fan coils. It is capable of controlling up to 2 stages of heat using zone valves or zone pumps through a tekmarNet® 2 Wiring Center or Zone Manager in order to maintain air and an auxiliary temperature. That temperature is typically a floor temperature, but could also be a remote air sensor.

Energy Saving Features

  • Zone Synchronization
  • Zone Post Purge
  • Intelligent setback (with tekmar 033 timer)
  • One touch overrides (with optional User Switch)
  • Auto Heating Cycle
Additional Features
  • tekmarNet® 2 communication compatible
  • Requires 2 wires
  • Two stage heat
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • CSA C US Approved for use in USA and Canada
  • Outdoor temperature display
  • Backlight
  • Air Group Member
  • Freeze Protection
  • Equipment Exercising
  • Floor Warming (with 079 Slab Sensor)
  • 1 auxiliary sensor input
  • Room Temperature Limiting
  • Supports Radiant Floor Cooling
  • This thermostat must be used with a tekmarNet® 2 Wiring Center or Zone Manager for power and communication.

tekmarNet2 Thermostat - Two Stage Heat

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