D-3C, In-Line Draft Inducer w/ PS1505 Fan Proving Switch (1/20 HP, 115V) Zoom

D-3C, In-Line Draft Inducer w/ PS1505 Fan Proving Switch (1/20 HP, 115V)


Brand: Tjernlund

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Hertz: 60
RPM: 1550
Horse Power:
Pipe Size: 6"
Height: 9-1/8"
Width: 9-1/2"
Depth (Inches): 7"
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
Features: CSA Certified

Description for Tjernlund D-3C

IMPORTANT: Vents/chimneys utilizing in-line draft inducers must be vertically terminated above the roof line. Do NOT use for side wall venting.

*This model includes PS1505 Fan Proving Switch (See Image #2)*

Tjernlund in-line draft inducers assure positive draft when restricted boilers and furnaces, poor chimneys or negative pressures in buildings prevent proper exhaust of combustion gases. The venturi action starts air moving up the stack instantly & keeps it moving smoothly. These units are quick and easy to install and completely automatic in operation. In-line draft inducers are built for long-lasting, trouble-free service and available in sizes and capacities to meet virtually all heating system requirements. The Vari-Draft control permits adjustment to individual job requirements.

Solves Venting Problems Caused by:
Undersized chimneys, negative pressures, long horizontal vent connectors, down drafts, cold equipment starts, restrictive heat exchangers/combustion chambers

Typical Applications:
Boilers/furnaces, water heaters, modular boiler systems, multiple appliances, bakery ovens, factory processes

PS1505 Fan Proving Switch
The Tjernlund PS1505 fan prover has been designed to monitor the pressure within the fan housing only. A motor or wheel failure will decrease housing pressure and deactivate the pressure switch, thus preventing combustion.

To satisfy national mechanical codes for oil and gas installations, draft inducers must be properly interlocked with burner circuits. The PS1505 fan proving switch monitors pressure within the inducer housing to verify inducer operation. Used in conjunction with the UC1 universal control, (sold separately) it assures compliance with codes and simplifies electrical interlock with all 24/115 VAC burner circuits. The PS1505 is not compatible with millivolt gas valves.

Please see "D-3 Product Specifications" document in the Manuals tab for a BTU input chart by pipe size, and "PS1505 Product Specifications" document for detailed fan proving switch technical specifications.

D-3C, In-Line Draft Inducer w/ PS1505 Fan Proving Switch (1/20 HP, 115V)

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