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Tank Levers

This category includes a wide variety of Tank Levers.

Balls & Flappers

This category includes tank balls, seat discs, flappers, and touch flush assembly.

Washers & Gaskets

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Lift Wires, Rods & Tubes

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Flush Valves

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Ballcocks & Ballcock Repair Parts

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Bolts & Shims

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Tank to Bowl Gaskets

This category includes a variety of Tank to Bowl Gaskets.

Wax Gaskets & Spacers

This category includes a variety of Wax Gaskets and Spacers.

Toilet Tank Covers & Replacement Tanks

This category contains replacement tanks, toilet tank covers, and toilet kits.

Toilet Cleaners

This category contains toilet cleaners manufactured by Fluidmaster.

Toilet Seats

This category contains toilet seats manufactured by Jones Stephens and Zurn.

More About Toilet Parts

Toilets contain many parts that allow them to operate effectively. Knowledge of these various parts could save both time and money on potential repairs.

The toilet tank and bowl work hand in hand. The tank is the unit that holds the water supply used for the flushing mechanism and the bowl brings in water from the tank when a flush occurs. A tank-to-bowl gasket is required to make a successful connection from the tank to the toilet bowl, which must then be firmly secured by bolts and nuts. A flange at the bottom of the toilet bowl secures the toilet to the floor and a wax gasket seals the bowl to the flange in order to prevent any water leakage.

Inside the tank, you will find several key components. Water flows into the tank through an intake valve and is connected to the ballcock, which controls the water level inside the tank. The other end of the ballcock is connected to the float ball. Both the float ball and flapper control the flow of water. The float ball controls the flow of water from the water pipe directly to the tank and the flapper regulates the amount of water entering the bowl from the tank. When water in the tank is filled to its set level, the float ball shuts the valve, preventing any more water from entering the tank.

Water enters the bowl via a flush valve which connects the tank to the bowl . A tank trip lever is connected to the flush handle found on the outside of the tank. On the inside of the tank, the tank lever is connected to a chain which operates the flapper. When the flush handle is pushed, the tank lever will lift the flapper and water will flow into the toilet bowl.

We offer a wide variety of these toilet parts and several tanks that will assist you with your toilet installation and repairs.