These tools include wrenches, cutters, pliers, levels, and more. Rigid tools are among the many plumbing supplies sold on our site. Rigid makes high quality tools to help with your plumbing job.

Manuals -

Milwaukee Electric Tools

This category contains a variety of electric tools manufactured by Milwaukee Electric

Manual Tools

This category includes several manual tools, including a utility knife, tubing cutter

Saws & Blades

This category features reciprocating blades, hole saws, hacksaws and blades, and more

More About Tools

Selecting the appropriate plumbing tool to match the application at hand is essential. We carry a wide variety of plumbing tools, including soldering torches, saws and blades, electric tools and manual tools.

Milwaukee electric tools ease the burden of many plumbing projects. The M12 and M18 models are cordless and powered by lithium ion batteries. Some of their popular models include M12 screw, drill and hex drivers, which drill and fasten with great speed and power while offering convenience and comfort due to their lightweight and compact design. The M12 cordless grease gun develops high pressure and run-time, delivering over 8,000 psi max operating pressure for heavy duty applications. It can dispense up to seven grease cartridges per battery charge. The M12 cordless hackzall offers superior control and versatility in tight spaces. Its powerful motor allows for fast cutting through drywall, wood and PVC applications.