Thru-the-Wall Kit for 707U humidifier

Thru-the-Wall Kit for 707U humidifier


Brand: Trion

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Product Type: Miscellaneous
Accessory For: 707U

Description for Trion 265272-201

The Trion 707U Humidifier Hardware Kit is also known as part number 265272-201 and Trion 707 TW KIT. This hardware kit is used as a thru-the-wall option for mounting the 707U Duct Mount Centrifugal Atomizer Humidifier. The 707-U Centrifugal Humidifier is installed through the wall, on the return duct or freestanding. This atomizer humidifier introduces water vapor directly in your room.

The contents of the 707 TW Packaged Hardware Kit includes the following items:

  • (1) Inside wall template
  • (1) Outside wall template
  • (6) Anchor bolts
  • (1) Flexible connector sleeve
  • (2) Hose clamps
  • (1) Bezel
  • (2) Drip tubes
  • (2) Tube retainers

  • The Trion 707U Humidifier Hardware Kit is optional for installing the Trion 707-U Duct Mount Centrifugal Atomizer Humidifier in garages, closets or stairways. When selecting a location for the installation of your Trion Humidifier, certain conditions must be met for proper operation. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions for safety and optimum performance.

    Thru-the-Wall Kit for 707U humidifier

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