Centrifugal atomizing humidifiers operate by dispersing a fine mist into the return air supply duct of your heating system or directly into the space. Heightened indoor air quality and increased comfort are the result. ComfortBreezeTM CB707 humidifiers feature microprocessor controls with a status LED that indicates operating status, fault indication and when service is required. The universal humidistat, installed either on the wall or in the cold air return duct, turns on the unit when the humidity level is below the set point.

  • Environmentally Friendly - The CB707 humidifier wastes no water during normal operation and consumes less than 75 watts.
  • Versatile Installation - Can be duct mounted, ceiling mounted, wall mounted or shelf mounted.
  • Push-To-Lock Fittings - Water connections are easy and provide simple, worry-free operation.
  • Fault Annunciation - The integrated microprocessor controls continuously monitor the humidistat status, float switches and operating hours to indicate when service is required and facilitate troubleshooting.
  • Independent Operation - The CB707 can be installed so that a "call for heat" is not required for the unit to deliver humidification.

  • Increasing a home's relative humidity can make it feel comfortable at a lower temperature (68°F can feel equivalent to a dry 73°F).
  • Reduced Heating Bills - In addition to improving comfort and indoor air quality, the CB707 can help reduce heating bills. Since humidified air feels warmer, a lower thermostat setting may translate into energy savings.
  • More economical than steam humidifiers when installed on heat pump systems.
  • Compatible with all forced air HVAC systems.

5-Year Limited Warranty
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120 VAC
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