Tub & Shower Products

This category consists of a wide variety of tub and shower products including shower rods, flanges, heads, arms, pan liners, cement, tub spots, diverter spouts, grab bars, pop up assemblies and bath waste kits.

Manuals -

Tub & Shower Cartridges

Replacement Tub and Shower Cartridges can be found here.

Shower Rods

Various types of shower rods including aluminum and brass shower rods, L shaped showe

Shower Heads & Arms

This category consists of a wide variety of shower heads and arms.

Shower Pan Liners

This category consists of shower pan liners.

Tub & Diverter Spouts

This category consists of a variety of tub and diverter spouts that are available as

Grab Bars

This category consists of a grab bars available in a wide range of sizes, composed of

Bath Waste Kits & Parts

This category contains bath waste kits and parts that can be used in a variety of app

Pop-Up Assembly's

This category consists of several Pop-Up Assemblies available in different finishes a

Bath & Shower Strainers

This category consists of a wide range of bath and shower strainers, available in a v

Tub and Shower Valves

This category contains a variety of valves that are applicable to showers and tubs.

Nuts & Washers

This category contains a variety of nuts and washers.

Tub & Shower Replacement Handles

This category contains replacement tub and shower handles manufactured by Brasscraft.

Brasscraft Tub & Shower Replacement Stems

This category contains tub and shower replacement stems from Brasscraft.

More About Tub & Shower Products

We carry tub and shower products in a variety of styles and finishes. Whether you're replacing a tub diverter spout or looking for the right bath waste kit to complete your bath installation, our large selection of products are sure to meet your needs.

Choose from several styles of shower rods, including straight, "L" and "D" shaped models available in aluminum and chrome plated finishes. Our assortment of shower heads come in a range of different sizes and select models offer adjustable functionality. We also offers shower pan liners that make showers with tile floors waterproof, while also preventing the growth of fungus, mold and mildew.

Grab bars are available in stainless steel material with lengths ranging from 12" to 48". They meet a 900 lb. downward pull when installed properly, providing safe and easy accessibility to baths and showers.

Our selection of bath drains and strainers come in a variety of finishes and styles, including friction lift tub drains, grid drains, toe tough drains and Roman tub drains. Strainers are available in round or square models to match your bath drain.

Pop-up assemblies are used in bathroom sinks. Its function is to hold water that flows into the sink. We offer several types, including pop-up assemblies with and without overflow holes.