Tubular Goods & P-Traps

Tubular plumbing supplies include metal and plastic P-Traps, Slip Joint Waste Bends, Waste Bends, Flush Ells, Offsets, Tailpieces and more. These tubular parts are available in different gauges, lengths, and sizes.

Manuals -

Tubular P-Traps

Metal Tubular P-Traps come in 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" sizes. These Metal P-Traps also vary

Tubular J-Bends

J-Bends are tubular products that are in the shape of the letter J. Abbreviations...

Waste Bends

Waste Bends are also commonly referred to as Sink and Tray Bends. These products comm

Tubular S-Traps

Tubular S-Traps are tubular products that vary by finish, less cleanout or with clean

Tubular Flush Ells & Slip Ells

Tubular Flush Ells and Tubular Slip Ells come in several different sizes. Abbreviatio

Tubular Offsets

Tubular Offsets come in chrome plated and rough brass varieties. These tubular offse

Tubular Tailpieces

This category contains a variety of threaded, flanged, slip joint and dishwasher tail

NY Traps

These plumbing traps are cast and are called NY style traps.

LA Traps

LA Cast Traps come with or less cleanout.

Plastic Tubular Products

Plastic Tubular products include Plastic P-Traps, offsets, and tailpieces. These pla

Miscellaneous Tubes

This section contains miscellaneous tubes in various sizes.

Low Seal Bath Traps

This section contains Low Seal Bath Traps in various sizes.

Tubular Fittings

This category contains various types of fittings related to Tubular Products.


Poly-Washers are used to create a tight seal while simultaneously protecting joints w

Utility Traps

This section contains Utility traps in various sizes manufactured by Watts.

More About Tubular Goods and P-Traps

Tubular goods are available in a large range of shapes, sizes, and materials.

P-Traps can be found in almost any household equipment that drains water. A p-trap is comprised of a tailpiece, a curved trap, and a drain elbow. The drain elbow for a p-trap fits into the drain pipe which enters the wall. They are available with or without cleanout plugs. If one with a cleanout plug is installed it can be cleaned without removing and installing a new trap.

An S-Trap is used to prevent hazardous sewer gases from entering buildings. S-traps are also used in refinery applications it also prevents hydrocarbons and other dangerous gases from escaping outside through drains.

A Flush Elbow is used to change the direction of a piping system, a flush elbow does not have a moveable nut and cannot be cut down to size.

A Slip Elbow is also used to change the direction of a piping system, but has a movable nut and the pipe can be cut down to size.

A Tubular Fanged Tailpiece is used as a connector between a trap, and either a kitchen or bar drain.

A Tubular Dishwasher Tailpiece is commonly used in double sink applications. The dishwasher must connect upstream of the trap into the fixture outlet pipe on either the vertical or the horizontal section with the use of a tailpiece.

A Tubular Slipjoint Tailpiece is used to connect fixture drains to the end of a pipe. They allow a pipe to be adjusted in and out.