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X-5B Air Acetylene Torch Kit


Brand: Turbo Torch

Turbo Torch
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Type: Torch Kit
Application: High Capacity
Fuel Type: Air Acetylene
Soft Solders: Up to 1-1/2"
Silver Brazes: Up to 3/4"
Regulator: AR-B (CGA 520)
Handle: G4
Hose: AH-12
Tip: A-5
Tank Connection: B
Valve Position: Rear

Description for Turbo Torch 0386-0338

This line of kits has been the industry standard for decades. Reliable and well engineered, the standard line of kits combines our Extreme Swirl Technology with a traditional manual lighting torch. All tips feature quick disconnect couplings and color coded O-rings for gas identification.

TurboTorch X-3B Acetylene Torch Kit (0386-0335) Components:

  • AR-B (CGA 520) Regulator
  • G-4 Handle
  • AH-12 Hose
  • A-5 Tip
  • Soft solders to 1-1/2" (40mm)
  • Silver brazes to 3/4" (20mm)
  • "B" Tank Connection
  • Instruction Manual

    *Tank not included

  • X-5B Air Acetylene Torch Kit

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