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TX500 ProPak Self Lighting Soldering Torch


Brand: Turbo Torch

Turbo Torch
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Type: Torch Kit
Application: Plumbing
High Capacity
Fuel Type: MAPP
Soft Solders: 1/8" to 2" (Propane)
3/4" to 3" (Propane)
3/4" to 4" (MAPP)
1/8" to 3" (MAPP)
Silver Brazes: 1/4" to 1" (Propane)
1/16" to 3/4" (Propane)
1/16" to 1" (MAPP)
1/4" to 1-1/4" (MAPP)

Description for Turbo Torch 0386-1299

TurboTorch has developed a new series of hand torches that also feature Extreme Swirl Technology. The new Extreme series generates more heat than other hand torches for faster brazing times and less gas consumption. All Extreme series hand torches and tips feature TurboTorch swirl combustion. Higher heat levels, in a short amount of time, enable the pros to quickly complete the job.

The TX500 ProPak is a unique combination of the hottest self lighting torch the TX-504, plus a cooler tip the T-503, which is ideal for general plumbing jobs. Both models feature convenient self-lighting triggers, and quick disconnect couplings between handle and tips. Processes: Air/MAPP and Propane.

  • T504 extreme tip solders 3/4"-4" (MAPP), silver brazes 1/4"-1-1/4" (MAPP)
  • T503 extreme tip solders 1/8"-3" (MAPP), silver brazes 1/16"-1" (MAPP)

TX500 ProPak Self Lighting Soldering Torch

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