2 oz. Paste Soldering Flux Zoom

2 oz. Paste Soldering Flux


Brand: Utility

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Product Type: Standard Flux
Size: 2 oz

Description for Utility 14-205

Specially formulated tinning fluid for easy use on copper, brass, bronze, lead, tin, zinc, cast and wrought iron. It's odorless, non-evaporating and non-acid.

The original self cleaning, lead free flux specially formulated for sweat fitting work. It removes oxidation and prepares copper, lead, brass, tin, stainless steel, cast and wrought iron for the proper bonding of solder to metal assuring leak-tight joints. It makes the solder flow freely and tin perfectly. It's recommended for all soft solder work,including 95/5. Meets federal specification 0-F-506.

2 oz. Paste Soldering Flux

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