1 Quart DO-ALL+PLUS Furnace Cement

1 Quart DO-ALL+PLUS Furnace Cement


Brand: Utility

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Application: Boiler Repair
Size: 1 Quart

Description for Utility 30-1020

FURNACE/REFRACTORY/RETORT & STOVE CEMENT A high temperature, non-asbestos, air-drying cement for setting and cementing furnaces, stoves, boilers and chimney collars. Use it for bedding and cementing firebrick and specially shaped combustion chambers. Use it for topping the backfill of oil burner chambers. It's good to 3000°F and it won't shrink, pull away, crack, sag or lose its sealing properties. Not harmed by freezing and thawing.

1 Quart DO-ALL+PLUS Furnace Cement

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