Venstar T2950 365-Day Programmable Digital Commercial Thermostat Zoom

Venstar T2950 365-Day Programmable Digital Commercial Thermostat


Brand: Venstar

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Application: Multi Stage (Heat/Cool)
3 Heat/2 Cool
Programmability: Programmable
User Interface: Push Button
Mount: Horizontal
Options: Auto Changeover
Works with Sensor
Smart Fan
Large Display
Password Lockout
Up to 8 Remote Sensors
Large Buttons
Color: White
Height: 4.5"
Width: 4.8"
Programmability: 365 Day

Description for Venstar T2950

The Slimline Platinum Series offers the proven reliability and flexibility of Venstar thermostats. This kit includes the T2900 Thermostat, the ACC0365 365 Day Module and the ACC0620 Lock Ring.


  • 365-day programmable (up to 10 years, includes full calendar with preprogrammed holidays)
  • Up to 3-Occupied, 1-Unoccupied periods per day, with copy commands for easy programming
  • Light Activated occupied period (defeatable)
  • Auto changeover, 3-stage heat, 2-stage cool for use with gas/electric, heat pump, split systems, electric & hydronic heat
  • Configurable for manual changeover, also configurable programmable or non-programmable
  • Adjustable deadbands and timers
  • 2 configurable outputs for maximum flexibility. Can be used for humidification, dehumidification, 3rd stage heating or programmable outputs for lighting, exhaust fans, remote sensor, etc.
  • Energy Watch keeps track of energy use by tracking heating and cooling hours
  • Smart Fan (keeps the fan from running during unoccupied periods)
  • Smart recovery (reaches selected comfort temperature at exact time is scheduled for energy savings)
  • Pre-occupancy fan purge
  • Display shows both heating and cooling setpoints and room temperature simultaneously
  • All programming and setpoints stored in non-volatile memory and are never lost in power failure
  • Service filter and service UV lamp indicators
  • Red/Green LED shows whether thermostat is calling for heating or cooling
  • 5-Minute compressor time guard and adjustable cycle limit, both defeatable for servicing equipment
  • Thermoglow backlit electro-luminous display and backlit color coded keys and legends

Venstar T2950 365-Day Programmable Digital Commercial Thermostat

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