Multiple Outdoor Sensor Zoom

Multiple Outdoor Sensor


Brand: Viega

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Type: Sensor
Application: Accessory
Operating Temp Range: -60° to 140°F
Height: 2-1/8"
Width: 9/16"
Depth (Inches): 9/16"
Accessory For: Basic Heating Control (16015)
Advanced Snow Melt Control (17015)

Description for Viega 16020

This sensor module is an option which allows up to four Basic or Advanced Heating Controls to share one outdoor sensor enclosure. The Multiple Outdoor Sensor module includes three thermistors which provide an accurate measurement of outdoor temperature. The module is attached inside the outdoor sensor enclosure included with the control, and allows four separate sensors to be combined into a single enclosure mounted on the exterior of the building.

Multiple Outdoor Sensor

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