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24 Port Brass PEX Crimp MANABLOC Package (NPT Supply)


Brand: Viega

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Application: Plumbing
Loop Size: 1/2"
Type: MANABLOC Package
Outlet Type: PEX
Number of Outlets: 24
Number of Outlets (Cold): 15
Number of Outlets (Hot): 9
Tubing Compatibility: PEX
Fitting System Compatibility: Crimp/Clamp
Manifold Compatibility: Manabloc
Inlet Type: Male Threaded (IPS)
Inlet Size: 3/4"
Supply Connection: Male NPT
Loop Connection: PEX Crimp

Description for Viega NPTS-41243

This Convenient Viega MANABLOC Plumbing Package Includes the Following:

  • The MANABLOC plumbing system carries a maximum pressure/temperature rating of 100 psi @ 180°F. Excessive pressure to the MANABLOC will cause leaks.
  • Do not allow chemicals such as PVC glues or solder flux to come into contact with the MANABLOC. They will compromise the integrity of the MANABLOC and cause leaks.
  • Please consult the MANABLOC install instructions for a more comprehensive list of chemical materials that will cause harm to the MANABLOC plumbing system.

24 Port Brass PEX Crimp MANABLOC Package (NPT Supply)

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