Water Heater Accessories

Keep every Water Heater working at max efficiency with this wide selection of crucial Accessories.

Manuals -

Water Heater Stands & Straps

Look here to find a variety of water heater stands and straps from manufacturers such

Water Heater Pans

This category contains water heater pans manufactured by Oatey.

Water Heater Connectors

This category contains water heater connectors manufactured by Holdrite, Honeywell an

Water Heater Controls

Look here to find water heater controls manufactured by Robertshaw and White Rodgers.

Water Heater Leak Detectors

This category contains a variety of water heater leak detectors.

Furnace Risers

Goliath Furnace Risers offer are specifically designed for the unique clearance needs

Water Heater Heat Traps

Heat Traps are valves or loops of pipe installed on the cold water inlet and hot wate

Flexible Anode Rods

This category contains flexible anode rods manufactured by Water Heater Smart.

More About Water Heater Accessories

We stock a variety of Water Heater Accessories including Water Heater Stands and Straps, Water Heater Pans, Water Heater Connectors, and Water Heater Controls; all that is needed to complete your heating supply needs.