This time delay relay is for use in Trane Air Handlers, installed in compressor-run air conditioning and heat pump systems to delay the blower shut-off after the compressor has shut off.

  • Allows residual cooled air to be blown into the controlled space, increasing the efficiency of the system in cooling.
  • Depending on electrical hookup in a heat pump system, delay of blower shut-off could also occur in heating.

Direct replacement for Trane C800924P01 and RLY 2807

  • Pilot Duty Pole: Min: 3VA at 24 VAC, Max: 25V at 24VAC
  • Input Voltage: 24VAC nominal, total power consumption: 0.5 VA (relay de-energized), 4 VA (relay energized)
  • Contacts: Normally open
  • 7 FLA
  • 36 LRA at 240 VAC
  • Pilot duty: 25 VA at 24 VAC
  • On delay: 2 sec
  • Off delay: 80 sec
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