3/8" ODF Liquid Line Filter-Drier Zoom

3/8" ODF Liquid Line Filter-Drier


Brand: White Rodgers

White Rodgers
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Application: HVAC
Connection Size: 3/8"
Connection Type: ODF
Max Pressure: 500 psig
Minimum Burst Pressure: 2500 psig

Description for White Rodgers 96-TD163S


This filter-drier is designed to offer complete protection for your refrigerant system. The 96-TD series removes moisture, acid and foreign materials in order to protect the compressor, solenoid valves, expansion valves, capillary tubes and other close tolerance parts of your refrigeration system.


  • Solid block desiccant core: a composite of molecular sieve and activated alumina
  • Provides high moisture, organic and inorganic acid removal
  • For use with HCFCs, CFCs and the lubricants that go with them
  • Nickel plated SAE flare and solid copper ODF fittings
  • Corrosion resistant paint

The 96-TD liquid line filter-drier may be installed in any position. Best results are achieved when located as close as possible to the inlet of the expansion device. If using a liquid line solenoid or moisture indicator, locate the filter-drier upstream. This will provide protection to the solenoid valve and allow the moisture indicator to measure the drier effectiveness. Install the drier in as cold a location as possible in the direction of the flow arrow on the unit.

Given the proper liquid line size and connection type, the correct drier may be selected using the chart in the "Product Information/Specifications" document below. Choosing a unit size with sufficient water capacity to reduce moisture content of the system to a safe level should be considered.

3/8" ODF Liquid Line Filter-Drier

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