This filter-drier is designed to clean up your refrigerant system after a compressor burnout has occurred. It removes solid contaminants and harmful acids that are created during a motor burnout.

Another Application: The 96-TS installed as a suction line filter-drier in remote systems with long refrigerant lines. The filter-drier will collect and hold any dirt that is in the evaporator or suction line at start-up

  • Dual access valve on each end of the drier for accurate pressure drop readings across the drier
  • Solid block desiccant core effectively removes and holds a maximum amount of contaminants with minimal pressure drop
  • Provides high moisture, organic and inorganic acid removal
  • Binding material within the core protects the core from acid decomposition and allows the core to collect and hold the acids from a motor burnout
  • Inlet deflector spreads the refrigerant flow evenly across the molded core to provide full filtration capacity and to prevent erosion of the core
  • For use with HCFCs, CFCs and the lubricants that go with them
  • Nickel plated SAE flare and solid copper ODF fittings
  • Corrosion resistant paint

The 96-TS suction line filter-drier may be installed in any position in the suction line as close to the compressor as possible, ahead of the accumulator if there is one in the system.

In low temperature applications, the drier should be installed in a vertical position with the flow in a downward direction to prevent oil accumulation.

Given the proper suction line size, connection type and tonnage of the refrigerant system, the correct drier may be selected using the chart in the "Product Information/Specifications" document below.
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Connection Size:
Connection Type:
Max Pressure:
500 psig
Minimum Burst Pressure:
2500 psig
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