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Programmable Thermostat


Brand: York

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3 Heat/2 Cool
Min Temp (F): 4.5°F
Max Temp (F): 32°F
Sensor Element: Thermistor

Description for York S1-2PP32U70124

The S1-2PP32U70124 Universal Programmable Thermostats provide electronic control of 24 VAC heating and cooling systems or 750 mV heating systems.


  • Large, Clear Display with Backlighting current temperature, set temperature and time are easy-to-read and all are displayed on the home screen.
  • Menu Driven Programming Guides you through the scheduling process, showing only necessary information and choices on each screen.
  • Ability to Select Multiple Days allows you to easily customize the thermostat for your unique schedule.
  • Real-Time Clock keeps time during power failure; automatically updates for daylight savings.
  • Armchair Programming allows you to remove thermostat from wall to set the schedule.
  • Precise Temperature Control (+/- 1 F) reliable, consistent comfort.
  • Multiple HOLD options allows you to modify schedule indefinitely or for a specific time.
  • Change Reminders reminds you to service or replace the air filter, humidifier pad, ultraviolet lamp or thermostat batteries.
  • Programmable fan with auto, on, and circulate options.
  • Outdoor Temperature Indication (Select Models) shows current outdoor temperature on the display to help you plan outdoor activities.

  • Currents (Heating): 1.0 A running
  • Currents (Cooling): 1.0 A running
  • Currents (Fan): 0.6A running
  • Humidity Ratings (%RH): 5 to 90% RH, noncondensing
  • Outdoor Sensor: Yes, optional outdoor remote (S1-C7089U1006, p. 72).
  • Remote Sensor: Yes, optional indoor remote (S1-C7189U1005, p. 72).

  • Programmable Thermostat

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