A Triple Lock insulated aluminum flex duct with reinforced foil/mylar sleeve - Class 1 air duct/connector (T/L-M) is manufactured by using a dead soft aluminum strip, spirally wound and mechanically joined together. The inner duct is draped with thick fiberglass insulation and covered by a flame retardant, scrim foil mylar vapour barrier. This ULC-S110 and UL-181 Class 1 product integrates a Triple-Lock core with an insulated reinforced sleeve to produce an unbeatable thermal air duct which aids temperature uniformity, absorbs duct vibration and ensures low permeability.

Pressure Rated:
  • 10" w.g. positive thru 16" Dia.
  • 6" w.g. positive, 18" Dia.
  • 12" w.g. negative, thru 16" Dia.
  • 4" w.g. negative, 18" Dia.

Rated Velocity:
  • 5500 F.P.M.

Vapour Barrier Permeance:
  • .05 Perm A.S.T.M. E96, Procedure A

Operating Temperature Range: -20°F to +250°F

Flame/Smoke: 25/50 UL 181 Class 0

Note: This product is compressed by the manufacturer and then packaged for shipping purposes. To reach the specified length, the product needs to be unpackaged and stretched.
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Diameter (Inches):
Length (Feet):
8 ft.
Operating Temp Range:
-20° to 250°F
Mylar Sleeve
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