4" x 2.2166 Ft. Z-Vent Single Wall Pipe Zoom

4" x 2.2166 Ft. Z-Vent Single Wall Pipe


Brand: Z-FLEX

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Diameter (Inches): 4"
Length (Feet): 2.2166 ft.
Vent Type: Straight Pipe
Vent Construction: Single Wall

Description for Z-FLEX 2SVEPWCF0402.2166

  • Gasketed connections
  • Fusion welded pipe seams
  • No sealant required, no cure time, or no call backs
  • Air tight seam, smooth finish, better fit
  • Metallic special gas vent cut to length on site (single wall version) saves time and lowers cost.
  • Highest pressure rating in the industry greater than five time the industry standard
  • Single and double wall, manufactured in diameters from 3" to 24"

Available in diameters 3" to 24" and standard lengths up to 10 Ft. (3" and 4" diameter only). Pipe can be cut to length. The female end of each Z-VENT? component incorporates a Double Fail Safe? self sealing gasket. Examine all components to ensure that gasket integrity has remained during shipping. Gaskets must be in proper position or flue gases could leak resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning. The installation shall be in accordance with the manufacturer?s installation instructions.

4" x 2.2166 Ft. Z-Vent Single Wall Pipe

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