Zoning Accessories

This category contains a variety of zoning damper accessories and zone control accessories.

HVAC Actuators and Valves

This category contains a variety of actuators and valves for control in HVAC Systems.

Damper and Valve Linkages

This category contains various Damper and Valve Linkages used to connect Actuators to

Modutrol IV Motors

Series 41 and Series 81 Modutrol IV motors are 2-position (line- and low-voltage per

Damper Controls and Accessories

This section contains Controls and Accessories used with a variety of dampers.

CO2 Sensors

This section contains Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensors and Controllers for use in determi

Pneumatic Temperature Sensors

Pneumatic Temperature Sensors provide proportional control of pneumatic valve or damp

Pneumatic Controls

This section contains Pneumatic Controls to provide proportional (P) or proportional

Pneumatic Relays

This section contains electrically operated pneumatic switches used to interlock an e

Pneumatic Fittings

Pneumatic fittings are used in a variety of HVAC applications. Pneumatic fittings are

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