inTouch Wireless Monitoring Systems



  • The inTouch Wireless Monitoring System provides continuous monitoring up to 10 Flame-Monitor and/or MicroM flame safeguard controls. The inTouch System also provides 4 dry-contact and 4 AC power inputs. In the event of a lockout or contact closure, the inTouch system reports the condition causing the lockout and also the make, model and location of the equipment over the wireless cellular network using a wide variety of delivery methods, i.e. telephone, fax, e-mail, pager (alphanumeric, numeric). The system can be configured to provide customized messages for each monitored point and safety lockout message for the flame safeguard control. Every 24 hours, the inTouch will transmit to the server message center information about the connected flame safeguard controls, e.g. system hours, burner hours, burner cycles and total number of lockouts.
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