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My Rifeng 402 Manifold | Submitted by Plumber Ben in IL
These manifolds are a good value for the price. I am impressed with the features that come on these manifolds. As a professional plumber, I will most certainly use these manifolds again. It will help keep my cost down and provide more value for my customers' heating dollar.
My Taco VRTX | Submitted by Stevie in Wappingers Falls, NY
-- Quality made air separator
-- Works as advertised, it's great extracting the air out of the line
-- My heating system has never been quieter
-- Only drawback, it's very heavy, and I added additional bracing to hold it up.
My Intellidyne 3250 | Submitted by Iceguy42000[@] in Up state New York
easy to wire and install. easy to use. burner runs longer, but less. over all I like it. hard to figure out how much it saves, but I would guestamate it to be 20%. This will pay for it self in less then a season. things I don't like...the savings values it displayes...the figures are not valid. I would discribe them as "feel good " numbers to make a home owner feel good. (I base this on the fact that I had 2 different units on my boiler that displayed radicly different values inspite working the same way. Bottom line...get one , it will save you money
My Panasonic FV-11VH2 | Submitted by Holly in Austin, TX
I just remodeled both bathrooms in my house. I bought two of these fans, one for my boys' bathroom and one for my master bath. This fan/heater is soooooo quiet, and works exactly as it should. The exhaust fan removes all condensation from the room, and the heater warms the space up perfectly. My neighbors can't believe how quiet it is, and wish they had chosen this model for their recent remodel. My contractor said it was easy to install. My kids love the heater on cold days. I highly recommend this product and SupplyHouse for the easy purchase.
My Viega CRIS_CRIMP | Submitted by SeattleCraftsman in Seattle, WA
Used in a retro-fit project, changing 100 year old house over from galvanized to PEX. Manifold was easy to install and no connection drips at all.
My Ultra-Fin UF4010 | Submitted by Gremlin in New Hampshire
No contact with the underside of the sub floor results in a noise free installation. No need to worry about hard wood floor nails piercing the tubing either. Dont skimp on the # of panels you use. The recommendation for 140 deg water is just enough to do the job when it gets down to -10 deg f outside.
My Uponor (Wirsbo) E6061000 | Submitted by Radiant Rand in West Milford, NJ
We use this for running PEX tubing to install retrofit radiant heat under floor joists, and also to run hot/cold lines together. When running two coils at once we use a piece of transfer plate to hold down the top coil. We screw the legs to a piece of plywood to improve stability.

Pros: Eliminates the need for a plumbers helper on most jobs. Folds into a nice small size to fit in any vehicle.

Cons: Stabilizer legs fold down for storage making initial setup difficult. We suggest having them fold up on future versions and making them a bit longer. There is no provision to secure the second coil, but we use two coils at once often. A second level hold-down would be a nice addition (or option). Neither of these "cons" is enough to prevent us from HIGHLY recommending it.
My Elkay LKFBG2115SS | Submitted by Deb in West Coast
Perfect fit :) Though my husband thought this grid was a little spendy... he now agrees with my purchase and thinks it will REALLY help protect our new Elkay sink.
My Weil-Mclain 383-500-649 | Submitted by EGMNJ in NJ
I revamped a multi-zone hydronic heating system and incorporated the Ultra Easy-up boiler module with custom pre-fabricated supply and return modules. It made for a quick installation of the new boiler and looks great. The system is in operation for two month now and has worked flawless.
My Baseboard Heater Covers BHC_COVER | Submitted by carolc in Levittown, NY
Used in bathroom to hide old rusty baseboard. This product hides the old and looks beautiful. Hopefully with good care, it will stay looking great for years!
My Bradford White M-2-30L6DS | Submitted by Hans in Palm Springs, FL
It's solid packed and easy to carry to the installation place. The installation provides no problems, it comes with the drain and T&P relief valve.
My Cello Copper 45 Street | Submitted by SimplyQwirky Flowers in Seattle, WA
We use the copper elbows and reducers in the yard art that we make. Cannot find better price point anywhere locally.
My Grundfos 52722351 | Submitted by Don in Milton, FL
I installed a geothermal heating and air system over 20 years ago and I used a grundfos pump to circulate the water in the ground loop. The pump lasted over 20 years, so recently when it finally wore down I had a decision to make...what to replace it with...DUH !! a no brainer. As I indicated in headline "if it ain't broke don't fix it" Why would I use anything else but a grundfos ? I highly recommend a grundfos and I would definitely purchase from SupplyHouse...fair pricing, fast and reliable.
My Bell & Gosset 103417 | Submitted by Selecthtg in Chapel Hill, NC
Excellent pump to replace the NRF 9, 12, and 22 Pumps with a single inventory item for Closed Hydronic systems. The pump is reasonably priced, durable, and easy to install.
My Honeywell Braukmann EA122A1028 | Submitted by Waterboy in Roanoke, VA
I have air in my water lines. I use this to purge the air out. I hated when the water would spur out of the kitchen faucet. This is my second one, they both work great.
My Honeywell TRUESTEAM_VISIONPRO | Submitted by Tony1971 in Cornelius, NC
I installed this in 4 hrs with no HVAC experience at all. My house was 27% humidity when I installed, 45% 2 days later. The VisionPro is the only way to go for thermostats. Only uses 3 wires so that saved me the hassle of running additional wires. Everything works great, I force the fan on when there is a call for humidity. I don't use frost protection (I'd rather have humidity and the condesation goes away by 10am). Before TrueSteam we had temp set at 70, now it's at 68 and we are all comfortable. Great unit, spend the xtra money and go for it. SupplyHouse hands down the best price especially if you have a coupon!
My Burnham ES2-7 | Submitted by ericrpeterson in Naperville, IL
I replaced a 56-year old boiler with this Burnham model, to heat my three-story house. I chose this model because it did not require any venting changes, yet was higher-efficiency than other atmospheric-vented boilers. Also I liked the simple design and the fact that it was cast-iron.

Good points: simple to hook up to my existing system. I was able to re-use my air separator, pump, compression tank, and zone valves. I like how the high-limit and gas valve are integrated into the boiler. It runs quietly. The LED user interface is easy to use.

Weak points: partial dis-assembly was needed to move it down the stairs into the basement. The included installation instructions are inadequate; I had to get additional instructions from the Internet. Burham's claims of product suitability are misleading in that they are very vague about the need to protect against low-water return temperatures, and they provide no clear recommendations for when protection is needed, or how best to provide this protection.
My Ranco ETC-111000 | Submitted by Craig in Steeleville, IL
I have this running a chest freezer I turned into a "keezer". The instructions are clear and it is easy to program. Only minor wiring skills are needed to hook this up. If you have ever wired a outlet or light switch, you can wire this.