Whether you heat by baseboard, panel radiators, hydro-air systems or radiant flooring, you can maintain a constant temperature in your home, eliminating the wide temperature swings of conventional heating systems by using a Buderus Logamatic Control. Its advanced microprocessor technology monitors inputs from indoor and outdoor sensors, compensates for the weather, and ensures consistent room temperatures. And unlike conventional systems, the Logamatic control adjusts the water temperature to maintain a desired comfort level, eliminating chills and overheating.

The Logamatic 2107 with outdoor reset capability reduces fuel usage by as much as 30%. By monitoring outdoor as well as indoor temperatures (requires optional BFU), the 2107 maximizes fuel efficiency while delivering unmatched comfort. Space heating, domestic hot water production, and programmable setback are all integrated into a single, intelligent source. The 2107 is suitable for use with any of today's forced hot water heating options, such as baseboard, panel radiators, hydro-air systems or radiant floors. Easy plug-in modules allow you to customize the 2107 to fit your application. Available options include a mixing valve control for radiant floors systems and a burner staging control to operate a 2-stage or modulating burner, or for use in dual boiler systems.

  • Proven Buderus system technology
  • All components furnished by a single manufacturer
  • Single, comprehensive control contains major components for water heating
  • Modular configuration adaptable to various applications and customized to specific regulations
  • Simplified installation with color coded plugs
  • Outdoor reset controlling
  • Domestic hot water priority
  • Domestic hot water heating with post purge feature
  • Domestic hot water recirculation pump operation
  • Programmable day/night setback
  • System on/off switch
  • Adjustable and high limit manual reset aquastats
  • Outdoor sensor
  • Boiler and DHW tank sensors included
  • Condensate protection feature
  • Pump exercising in summer mode
  • Freeze protection for DHW tank
  • Manual override switch for emergency operation
  • Automatic Summer/Winter changeover
  • LCD Display
  • Self-diagnostic display
  • Vacation mode
  • System "in sync" with outdoor conditions and automatic shut-off in Spring and Fall
  • Optional Room sensors to customize operation with maximum comfort by indoor temperature sensor
  • Automatic module recognition
  • Simple stepwise procedure to customize control
  • Built-in relay test to verify system wiring
  • Up to 30% lower fuel bills
  • Maximum heating comfort with increased efficiency
  • Quieter operation with outdoor reset
  • Simple operation through "push and turn dial" concept and digital display
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