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Differential Pressure Control, SPST Opens on decrease in Diff. Pressure
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Differential Pressure Control, SPST Opens on decrease in Diff. Pressure

Differential Pressure Control, SPST Opens on decrease in Diff. Pressure
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70 PSI


These differential pressure controls are for use as operating controls and/or indicating system functions through display lights or panels. They measure the difference in pressure exerted upon its two sensing elements. The controls are available for applications sensing air, oil or liquid. Typical applications are proof of flow across a chiller or water cooled condenser, proof of flow in a heating or cooling coil and lube oil pressure sensing on refrigeration compressors. On a proof of flow application the control measures pressure drop across two different points in either a closed water circulating system or a city water to supply system.

On a proof of flow application in a water chiller system the control activates a light or signal to indicate a loss of water.The control may also be applied as a lube oil pressure sensing control on refrigeration compressors. They may be used in combination with P28 and/or P45 oil pressure cutout controls on two compressor, single motor units to reduce the oil system cost. Special low pressure models are available for variable speed and screw compressor oil pressure applications.

Single and double pole models are available with contacts that open on a pressure differential increase or close on a pressure differential increase. Also available are models with single-pole, double-throw enclosed contacts or with main and separate reverse-acting auxiliary contacts. Controls with lockout feature require manual reset to reclose circuit after lockout. The ?trip-free? reset will not permit restart until reset button is pushed and released. The operation point of the control is readily adjusted by rotating the adjusting disk. The control set points are easily read on a calibrated scale.

  • Heavy duty, low profile elements withstand unduly high overrun pressures that may be encountered in shipment or in some machine rooms.
  • Lockout models have a "trip-free" manual reset.
  • Long life contact structure with high contact force no contact bounce.
  • Single unit mounting and wiring saves installation time and material.
  • Ambient Temperature: 32F to 104F
  • Conduit Opening: 7/8 inch Diameter hole for ½ inch Conduit
  • Finish: Gray Baked
  • 8 to 60 PSI, 6 to 20 Adj. Differential; 8 to 70 PSI, 8 to 30 Adj. Differential




Contacts Open on diff. pressure


Manual Reset

Product Type:

Diff. Pressure

Min Pressure (PSI):


Max Pressure (PSI):



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