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QuietCool Attic Ventilation Fans

QuietCool Attic Ventilation Fans



  • Attic fans keep your attic safe and your attic cool and ventilated all year long. An attic fan can save you up to 30% on your A/C cooling costs by just cooling your attic space. They allow you to cool and ventilate the largest portion of your home that A/C doesn’t reach. This process of cooling and ventilating your attic allows your home to stay cooler, longer because it is no longer working against your attic which can get up to 160ºF. An attic fan not only works to keep your attic cooler but it also keeps your home safe from humidity and heat damage! QuietCool offers the best line of smart attic fans, solar attic fans, and traditional attic fans, allowing you to find the best ventilation option for your home and attic.
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