American Plumber Water Filters

American Plumber has been protecting families from contaminated water for more than 80 years! Turn to American Plumber Water Filters for peace of mind.

Manuals -

Filter Housings

This category contains filter housings that are manufactured by American Plumber.

Filter Cartridges

American Plumber filter cartridges offer solutions to a wide range of water quality c


These systems deliver clear, clean, fresh-tasting water for drinking and cooking.

Residential Water Softeners

American Plumber sleek cabinet style softeners offer a space-saving footprint, easy a

Automatic Whole House Filters

Available in low-maintenance time-clock style and demand-style models and equipped wi

Filter Bags

This category contains filter bags manufactured by American Plumber.

Accessories & Parts

These accessories help to make installation and maintenance of American Plumber housi