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This category contains a variety of Beacon Morris kick space heaters, as well as kick space heater accessories.

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KickSpace Heaters

Beacon Morris Kickspace heaters are the space-saving alternative to hot water baseboa

Wall/Floor Kits For KickSpace Heaters

Look here to find wall and floor kits for Beacon Morris kick space heaters.

Replacement Parts for KickSpace Heaters

This category contains an assortment of replacement parts for Beacon Morris kick spac

Grilles for KickSpace Heaters

This category contains a variety of grilles for Beacon Morris kick space heaters, ava

Wall Heaters

QMark, Steibel Eltron and Cadet offer a variety of wall heaters, available in several

Broan Unit Heaters

This category contains Broan portable heaters; the answer to instant heat needs with

Floor Vectors

The Beacon Morris floor vector makes use of the natural flow of cold air that "falls

More About Kickspace Heaters

Kickspace heaters offer a space-saving solution for hydronic heating systems. They can provide heat while taking up a fraction of the space in kitchens, bathrooms, and any other area in which baseboard installation is not possible or desirable. Normally installed on the ground (often below cabinets), kickspace heaters may also be wall-mounted. They operate as part of the normal baseboard loop, with an electric blower to facilitate heat transfer to the living space. A diverter tee may be needed to allow sufficient water flow to a kickspace heater that branched is off from the main baseboard line.

A floor vector utilizes the natural flow of cold air that "falls off" a window or sliding glass door, heats it with a finned hydronic heating element, and then circulates the warm air into the room by natural convection. The unit fits easily and discreetly into wood or concrete slab floors, or interior window ledges. A floor vector removes the chill from a traditional cold zone associated with large areas of glass.

The Modine gas fired unit heaters are great for heating garages, warehouses, and other large spaces. Gas burns hotter than most other fuels and is more efficient for heating cold environments.