Orange-Eco is a specially formulated, earth-friendly paste flux that is water-soluble and contains no zinc, ammonium chloride, petrolatum or metals. It is competitively priced and praised by trade professionals because it is exceptionally easy to use. Orange-Eco generates minimal smoke and leaves behind no corrosive residues after soldering.

Orange-Eco dissolves even the heaviest oxide films to provide a superior solder joint. It is the ideal paste flux for all solder-able metals. It also promotes wet-ability of the solder by spreading quickly and evenly over the surface to be soldered. Orange-Eco meets and exceeds ASTM B813 specifications for solder paste.

  • Environmentally safe
  • No zinc chloride (extremely corrosive)
  • No ammonium chloride (extremely corrosive)
  • No petrolatum (Vaseline)
  • Water soluble
  • Non-corrosive residue
  • Can solder up to a 4" copper pipe without burning away
  • Minimal smoke and odor
  • Doesn't burn skin or open wounds
  • Doesn't freeze or separate
  • Absorbs no water
  • Works on wet pipes
  • Doesn't pop when soldering
  • Does not turn pipes or hands black or green
Application Instructions:

1. Apply to the area where a joint is required. Upon application, an immediate cleaning action can be observed. This occurs even at room temperature.
2. Heat the joint as usual with MAPP, propane or acetylene gas for several seconds. Allow about 3 seconds for it to start flowing into the joint.
3. Remove the heat and continue to work solder into the joint. Allow it to cool to room temperature. Note: larger pipes may take slightly longer to fill the joint.

This flux will activate at approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit below the usual temperature that other solder pastes require. At around 150 degrees Fahrenheit any acids will burn away, leaving behind a non-corrosive nontoxic residue; however, it still can solder up to a 4" copper pipe without burning away the wetting agent.
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Product Type:
Water Flushable Paste
2 oz.
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