Flush Valves

Sloan Royal and Sloan Regal flush valves come in many different types and models. With the Dual Filtered By-Pass, along with other exclusive features such as the triple seal handle, the high back pressure vacuum breaker, and the new vandal resistant stop cap reaffirms the Royal Sloan Valve as the true leader in Flushometer (flush valve) design. If you don't see a Sloan flush valve you are looking for simply give us a call and we'll find it for you.

Manuals -

Sloan Royal Exposed Water Closet Flushometers

Premium Flush Valve includes Dual-Filtered Fixed By-Pass Diaphragm, ADA Handle with T

Sloan Royal Exposed Urinal Flushometers

Sloan Royal Exposed Urinal includes dual-filtered fixed by-pass diaphragm, ADA handle

Sloan Regal Exposed Water Closet Flushometers

Sloan Regal Exposed Water Closet Flushometers are Economy Flushometers with tradition

Sloan Sensor Operated Optima SMOOTH Flushometers

This category includes sensor operated Optima SMOOTH (Side-Mount-Operator-Over-the-Ha

Sloan Sensor Operated G2 Optima Plus Flushometers

This category includes Sloan's G2 Optima Plus Exposed Battery-Powered Water Closet &

Sloan Sensor Operated Side Mount Operator (SMO) Flushometer

This category includes sensor operated, battery-powered activation Sloan Optima SMO (

Sloan Sensor Operated ECOS Electronic Flushometers

This category contains Sloan's sensor operated ECOS Electronic water closet and urina

Sloan Sensor Operated Solis Solar-Powered Flushometers

This category contains Sloan's sensor operated Solis solar-powered water closet and u

Sloan UPPERCUT Exposed Water Closet Flushometers

This category contains Sloan's UPPERCUT manual dual-flush Flushometer that provides t

Sloan Manual Naval Flushometers

This category contains a variety of Manual Naval Flushometers, including both exposed

Zurn Flush Valves

Within this category you'll find all kinds of Zurn Flush Valves and Parts, including

More About Flush Valves

A flush valve is a mechanism designed to flush toilets and urinals. Many present day commercial applications use flushometers in place of standard flush valves due to their economic, environmental and health benefits. The flushometer is a plumbing device that does not require a tank filled with water for flushing. It conserves a massive amount of water over time and for every flush, a metered amount of water at a lower volume is delivered, though at much higher pressure compared to that of a standard flush valve. Flushometers come in either diaphragm or piston type models. Both models function similarly in releasing water when flushed, however the piston model is more adept at dealing with harsher water conditions.

On our website, you can browse through a wide variety of flushometers made by Sloan, the world's leading manufacturer of water efficient solutions for over 100 years. Sloan's reliable and premium made flushometers are available in exposed or concealed installation with manual or sensor activated mechanisms. Sloan's infrared sensors provide hands-free operation, bringing hygienic convenience to restrooms.

Royal manual and Royal sensor operated flushometer models include a dual filtered bypass diaphragm and their flush accuracy is controlled by CID technology, enhancing water efficiency.

Regal manual flushometers are equipped with traditional natural rubber segment diaphragms with a fixed metering bypass and features low consumption flush accuracy controlled by Para-Flo technology.

Uppercut is a manual dual-flush flushometer. It uses a rubber diaphragm and provides two water efficient flush options, conserving water in the most optimal way. Flush accuracy is controlled by CID technology.

Naval piston-type flushometers are engineered for the most adverse water conditions. Their exclusive self-cleaning Xpelor bypass feature assures consistent metering operation even under the most severe marine or corrosive water conditions

Optima Smooth and G2 Optima flushometers are diaphragm type with dual filtered fixed bypass. They are battery powered and operate automatically via infrared sensor for hands-free operation. Flush accuracy is controlled by CID technology.

Solis flushometers are solar-powered and available in single or dual flush type. These sensor operated flush valves use CID technology, have a rubber diaphragm and are powered by a solar cell that harvests power from artificial indoor light as its energy source.

The Ecos sensor operated flushometer is equipped with a rubber diaphragm, and has a dual-flush option, which reduces water volume by 30% when a reduced flush occurs. Flush accuracy is controlled by CID technology.