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The DST-932 is a differential temperature controller. In automatic mode it drives the relay output checking the difference of the temperatures from the collector T2 and the storage tank T1. In order to store the solar energy, it switches on a circulator pump as soon as T2-T1 is greater than a Delta T set point (dt). Also, there are over temperature and freeze alarm.

To verify the whole heating system it is possible toggle to manual mode and switching on or off the circulator pump. In manual mode the controller does not read any probe value, so no alarm function is activate.

DST-932 is designed to handle most differential temperature control functions for operation of solar heating, swimming pool heating, domestic water heating, and sophisticated space heating and cooling etc.

  • Reliable Digital Electronic Accuracy
  • Easy-to-Read Digital Display which displays sensor temperature and functional status. It also allows precise differential temperature settings
  • Simple programming of differential setpoint temperature and (hysteresis) differential. Setpoint can be adjusted easily wihout going into programming mode.
  • A tighter differential can be achieved (eg. 1F or 1C) than conventional electromechanical controls
  • Anti-Short Cycle Delay to ensure the output relay remains off for up to 254 secs. This would avoid unnecessary hard start and equipment wear
  • User selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit scales
  • Lockout switch to prevent tempering by unauthorized personne
  • Measuring Range: * Measuring Range: -39 to 248F
  • Two universal 10K ohm sensors P-01 are supplied with the control. This solid state temperature sensor probe can be extended up to 500 feet.
  • Easy installation

  • Differential Setpoint range: 0.8 to 50°F
  • Differential Setpoint Hysteresis(differential): 0.8 to 17.9°F
  • Anit Cycling Delay: 0 to 254 sec.
  • Anti Freeze protection: 32.1 to 228°F
  • Anti-Freeze hysteresis(differential): 0.8 to 17.9°F
  • Over Temperature Protection: 0.3 to 50.0°F
  • Over Temperature Hysteresis(differential): 0.8 to 17.9°F
  • Output: 1 on a SPDT 16 A 250 Vac relay
  • Resolution: 1°C (1°F)
  • Accuracy: ± 1°F
  • Display: LED, 3 digits, 12.5 mm high
  • Data storing: on EEP-ROM non-volatile memory
  • Operating temperature: 23 to 149 °F (-5 to +65 °C)
  • Relative humidity: 20 to 85 % (not condensing)
  • Housing: self-extinguish UL94V0 ABS plastics, white colour
  • Size: frontal 45 x 71 mm; depth 58 mm (4 DIN modules)
  • Mounting: DIN rail for panel boards
  • Power supply: 110VAC, 50/60Hz
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Product Type:
Temperature Control
Max Temp (F):
Min Temp (F):
Power Supply:
110 VAC
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