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  • Selection: unlike fuses, the current-carrying capacity of cable limiters is denoted by cable size rather than amperage.
  • For example, a “4/0” limiter will carry the current of a 4/0 cable.
  • Buss Cable Limiters help protect cables against shortcircuit currents.
  • Increase system reliability.
  • Under high short-circuit conditions, they can cut off fault currents within one-half cycle (0.008 seconds).
  • This fast action reduces insulation damage from the immense heat that is developed by sustained fault current flow (often 30,000, 50,000, 70,000, 150,000 amps magnitude).
  • Reduces the high build-up of mechanical forces due to intense magnetic fields.
  • Cable limiters help confine damage to the point of the short-circuit. Help stop long-length cable burn-back and striking of multiple arcs.
  • Apart from the loss of power and operational shutdown, short-circuits can do devastating damage to conductors.
  • The cost of total replacement of cables, particularly when they are buried underground, outweighs the nominal cost of cable limiter protection.
  • Without the protection of limiters, under short-circuit conditions, a cable may continue to arc at several points and cause severe damage to components of the system…it does not necessarily burn clear.
  • Buss Cable Limiters are short-circuit devices (unresponsive to light cable overloads) with several types of terminal connections to permit easy mechanical connection to a broad range of cable sizes.
  • Totally self-contained, static device.
  • Unlike the open link-type limiters, there is no venting of ionized gases or explosive action.
  • Has stable, unchanging characteristics.
  • High interrupting rating.
  • Buss Cable Limiters withstand high short-circuit currents.
  • Help provide compliance with NEC 110-9 and NEC 230-65.
  • KDM, KDR, KDP and KFM copper cable limiters are UL listed under File E990818. For use at 600 V, ac on faults up to 200,000 Amps.
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