WTL Survey Kit
WTL Survey Kit
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WTL Survey Kit

The WTL Survey Kit can survey larger, multi-story sites for compatibility with the WTL Thermostat. Use the WTL Survey Kit to perform a range test to determine the strength of the wireless connection between the WTL Thermostat and the WTL Gateways at the location where you plan to install the devices. If the signal strength is not sufficient at the WTL Thermostat installation locations, you may need to adjust the gateway and control server installation location or potentially add additional gateways to ensure sufficient wireless signal coverage.

  • Digital zone control
  • Optimizes energy usage and comfort
  • Programmable temperature setbacks
  • Automatic setpoint changes based on time-of-day schedule and night setback to save energy
  • Diagnostic monitoring
  • Reduces maintenance and operating cost
  • Early problem detection
  • Avoids disruptions to system operation and eliminates customer complaints
  • Failsafe
  • Maintains temperature setpoint even if battery is dead
  • Integrate to a BAS
  • Provides dual-function operation. WTL Thermostats can operate with wireless infrastructure and connection to a BAS. Integrate with a BAS to log, display, control, and view trend data from the WTL network
  • Support BACnet Schedule
  • Supports schedule through the control server if not integrated with BAS, or through the BAS scheduling feature if the WTL system is connected to a BAS
  • Operating frequency band: 900 MHz LoRaWAN Protocol
  • Battery: Gateway: Rechargeable battery pack. Nominal capacity 6 Ah, input 12.6 V, 3 A maximum, output 12 V, 3 A maximum
  • Battery: Thermostat: TL-5920 battery. Nominal capacity 8.5 Ah, rated voltage 3.6 V, maximum continuous current 230 mA
  • Battery life: Gateway: 8 Hours
  • Battery life: Thermostat: Minimum 2 years
  • Operating conditions: 32°F to 122°F, 95% RH maximum, noncondensing
  • Storage conditions: -40°F to 122°F, 95% RH maximum, noncondensing


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Battery Life:

8 Hours

2 Years


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