UltraLite® is strengthened by miles of fiber in each square foot of fiber-cement coating. This fiber allows the pad to flex instead of cracking or breaking. The textured surface prevents the condensing unit or portable generator from sliding, and allows water drainage, while the engineered encapsulated polystyrene (EPS) core prevents warping and provides a solid bottom to resist settling. The pad is unaffected by soil conditions, ultraviolet (UV) light, temperature extremes, and other weather conditions.

The 2" thick UltraLite® pad is the industry standard. It is used across a wide variety of applications, unless a thicker pad (3") is required by the local building code.

  • Lightweight - At an average weight of 2-1/2 pounds per square foot (12 kg. per square metre), the UltraLite lightweight concrete pad is one of the lightest equipment mounting products available today. Lightweight products are important for ease of handling on job sites.
  • Durable - The exterior of the UltraLite lightweight concrete pad is specifically engineered for long-term exterior weather resistance.
  • Ductile - The skin and core of the UltraLite lightweight concrete pad is specifically engineered for flexibility and ductility demanded of job site handling. Additionally, the ductility of the outer skin facilitates conformance to slight ground contours without fracture.
  • Time/Labor Savings - Time is money, and hence any time savings on site translates into money saved. The UltraLite lightweight concrete pad literally installs in seconds while providing a solid foundation for the condensing unit.
  • Concrete Surface - The concrete external skin of the UltraLite lightweight concrete pad is not subject to ultraviolet degradation or weathering discoloration.
  • Vibration Absorbing - The engineered polystyrene core in the UltraLite lightweight concrete pad absorbs and dampens vibration associated with normal operation of a condensing unit.
  • Freeze/Thaw Resistant - The UltraLite lightweight concrete pad is vapor permeable. Water vapor evaporates through the pad, hence the concrete outer skin is not subject to expansion cracks.
  • Flame Resistant - The concrete outer skin of the UltraLite lightweight concrete pad is resistant to heating caused by the compressor. Additionally, the surface is resistant to heat from incidental torch flame during site installation.
  • Outside Storage - The UltraLite lightweight concrete pad is intended for life in the outdoors. As such, the pad is suitable for exterior storage prior to site installation.
Technical Data

To achieve the maximum permissible pad load capacity, the earth under the pad must be capable of supporting the transmitted compression load of the UltraLite pad. All values tabulated assume the earth has a bearing capacity of at least 1000 pounds per square foot (48 kPa).

The allowable loads assume a uniformly distributed loading on the pad surface (that is, a relatively flat-bottomed condenser unit in contact with the pad). For condenser units with footpads or other point loads, the maximum concentrated load for any size UltraLite pad is 125 pounds per 2" (56 kg per 50 mm) diameter (or equivalent surface area) footpad.

In normal usage conditions an equipment pad can be exposed to a variety of chemicals. The UltraLite pad has been fully tested in accordance with ASTM D2299 for resistance against:
  • R-22 and R-134a
  • Compressor oil
  • Salt solution, 20 percent by volume
  • Synthetic canine urine
The UltraLite pad performs extraordinarily well under these testing criteria. UltraLite does not craze, soften, delaminate, or spall under exposure in these tests.

The UltraLite pad has been independently tested to the rigorous freeze-thaw regimen specified by ASTM C67. This standard dictates a twenty-five cycle freeze-thaw sequence. The freeze portion of the sequence takes place with the top surface of the UltraLite pad under 1/2" (12 mm) of water. Once twenty-five cycles are complete, the pad is examined using visual magnification. No cracks or crazing is permitted. UltraLite has performed flawlessly.
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