Fieldpiece HVAC Instruments & Meters

This category contains an assortment of HVAC products manufactured by Fieldpiece, including: meters, fieldpacks, accessory heads, leads, thermocouples, and pocket tools.

Manuals - Fieldpiece HVAC Instruments & Meters


This category contains a variety of Fieldpiece meters.

A/C Analysis

This category contains Charging and A/C Analysis tools including Digital Manifolds ma

Leak Detectors

Here you can find Refrigerant Leak Detectors manufactured by Fieldpiece.


This category contains Fieldpiece Vane Anemometers used to measure air velocity and


Here you can find Refrigerant Scales and Vacuum Gauges manufactutred by Fieldpiece.

Temperature & RH

Here you can find Pyschrometers and Temperature Meters manufactured by Fieldpiece.


Here you can find instruments used in Combustion applications. This category contains

Pocket Tools

Fieldpiece's pocket and extension tools make your job easier all day long. Lighted ex

Leads & Thermocouples

Fieldpiece offers several test lead solutions specifically designed for the way HVAC

Miscellaneous Parts & Replacements

This category contains an assortment of miscellaneous parts and replacement parts man

Accessory Heads

This category contains a variety of accessory heads manufactured by Fieldpiece.

Instrument Cases

Fieldpiece has a variety of padded nylon multimeter and instrument cases, from single