Introducing the new Lux CAG1500, our fully programmable thermostat that not only gives homeowners the advantage of automatic temperature control, but also has the added benefit of helping to keep a home's air clean. What makes it all possible is the CAG1500?s innovative Clean Cycle®, a feature that ensures the heating and air conditioning fan runs for a set duration of time each hour to circulate and filter the air in the home. The Clean Cycle® is programmable as well, allowing homeowners to program the fan to run anywhere between 9 and 60 minutes each hour. The CAG1500 also includes a comprehensive graphical filter monitor that indicates when the filter needs cleaning for optimum air quality and system performance.

  • Fully Programmable IAQ
  • Clean Cycle®
  • Comprehensive Graphical Filter Monitor
  • Nonvolatile Memory for All Programs and Settings
  • Electronic Accuracy
  • Large Easy to Read Display
  • EL (Electro Luminescent) Backlight
  • 7 Day Programmable - each day can be different!
  • Easy-to-Use LUX Speed Dial®
  • Battery Powered (2 "AA" Batteries Not Included) WARNING: When Replacing Batteries Use Energizer® or DURACELL® Alkaline Batteries Only.
For Use On:
  • Most 24V Heating and A/C Systems
  • 1 Stage Heat/1 Stage Cool: Gas, Oil, Electric, or Single Stage Heat Pump Systems
  • 2 Wire Heat Only Hydronic Systems (Hot Water Baseboard & Radiator)
  • Millivolt Systems (Wall Heaters & Gas Fireplaces)
Not For Use On:
  • Multi-Stage Heat Pumps
  • 3 Wire Hydronic Systems
  • Line Voltage Systems (120/240V)
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Heat Pump
Single Stage (Heat/Cool)
7 Day
User Interface:
Push Button
Password Lockout
Fan Control
Power Method:
3-Year Limited Warranty
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