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Like all of Fieldpiece's test instruments, the SRL2 Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector is designed exclusively to make the HVACR Technician's job easier, faster, safer and more efficient. The SRL2 comes in kit form in a rugged, blow-mold case with all of the extras.

The ergonomic design fits naturally in your hand. The ruggedized construction stands up to abuse most other leak detectors can't handle. The eight-hour battery life lets you work all day before recharging and the included vehicle and wall chargers help you during overtime. The mute and peak functions allow you to work the way you want to work. The magnetic hanger helps keep the detector out of the way when repairing a leak, but visible enough so you won't leave it on the job.

How Does It Work?

The SRL2 triggers on a change in refrigerant levels as refrigerant passes by the sensor. Infrared (or IR) sensors work on the principle that refrigerants reflect a certain spectrum of light that is "below red" or infrared. When refrigerant is drawn into the sensor, it travels between a light/heat source and a sensor that is constantly receiving a "picture" of that light.

Like a cloud that reflects solar radiation and "blocks" out the sun, the refrigerant reflects the infrared radiation and blocks the sensor from receiving the complete picture. The result is a trigger. However, after the "picture" stays the same for a while, the sensor no longer senses a change and the triggering stops. This is important.

IR sensors act almost exactly like the motion sensors that trigger your neighbor's blinding garage lights outside. The outside sensors are taking a picture of a designated area. When someone walks into that picture a change is detected. The light turns on. If you stand in the same place without moving, eventually the light turns off until you move again.

Because of this unique sensor, IR detectors that sense change are used differently from the more commonly used heated element detectors. You have to use a double-pass or sweeping motion to pinpoint a leak, meaning, you pass by a refrigerant "stream" it blocks out light to the sensor and triggers. Then you sweep back, and it triggers again. The midpoint is the source of the leak.

Features and Benefits
Simply put, the SRL2 detects all refrigerants the same way, meaning it triggers on R-507 the same way it does on R-22 the same way it does on R-410A. If the refrigerant used in the system is in the refrigerant IR spectrum, the detector is going to find it. Technicians say it is the best leak detector for HVACR on the market because it picks up "everything" and it has all of the features they want and need.

Why Infrared Technology?
Infrared sensors by far are the longest-lasting leak detection sensors on the HVACR market today. Fieldpiece has improved the technology so that, with normal use, your SRL2 Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector should last for the life of the instrument (UP TO 10 YEARS in testing.)

Advantages Over Other Types of Refrigerant Leak Detectors
  • Triggers on all CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs and blends
  • Sealed sensor. Unlike heated diode and corona discharge leak detectors, the sensor doesn't "touch" refrigerant as it passes through the instrument. Heated diode and corona discharge units tend to degrade or fail when they come in contact with high concentrations of refrigerant or touch liquid.
  • Doesn't trigger on oil or moisture like other types of detectors.
  • Senses change in refrigerant levels. Works even in contaminated environments.
  • Up and running in less than 30 seconds. Some heated elements and corona discharge units take much longer to warm up. UV dyes can take several hours to travel through a running system and can degrade system components.

Designed for HVACR
  • Superior - Controlled Sensitivity. Doesn't trigger on nuisance leaks unless in Turbo Mode.
  • Rugged / Ergonomic Features. Ruggedized boot and it fits in your hand.
  • Infrared Sensor. Lasts up to 10 years.
  • Three Sensitivity Levels. Meets new SAE standards.
  • Audible/Visual Alarm. Turn the beep on or off - you decide.
  • 8-hour Battery Charge. Work all day on one charge.
  • Non-conductive, Sturdy Probe. Stays where you want it.
  • Peak / Mute Buttons. Find leaks in noisy environments.
  • Magnetic Hanger. Hang the unit while you repair the leak.
  • Weighs 14-oz. Tough doesn't have to mean heavy.

What's Included
The SRL2 now comes standard in kit form (model SRL2K7) in a rugged, blow-molded case. Included with every SRL2K7 Advanced Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector kit are vehicle and wall charging units. Five (5) O-rings and 10 replacement filters are located in the interior of the case handle. The RFE2 9-inch Flex-Probe Extension and RRE2 Rigid Extension Probe offer you that extra reach you need out in the field and makes the searching for leaks along the evaporator coil easier. They're included in the left side of the case. Operator's manual, quick start operation guide in a pocket on the left side of the case. Rechargeable battery also included.

For additional technical specifications, please see "User Guide" in the manuals tab above.
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Manuals (3)
Refrigerant Accessory
Gases Measured:
Sensing Element:
Response Time:
Less than 0.5 sec to 1 sec
Sensitivity Levels:
HIGH: 0.1 oz/yr & higher MEDIUM: 0.5 oz/year and higher LOW: 1.0 oz/year and higher
Probe Length:
15 inches
Warm Up Time:
Less than 30 sec
Exceeds current SAE J2791 standards
Battery Type:
7.4VDC(nominal) rechargeable lithium ion
Battery Life:
Approximately 8 hours (fully charged)
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