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The FIREYE® Type 25SU5 Model 5011/5012/5013 Control, combined with Type 45UV5, 45RM1, 45RM2, 45RM4, 45FS1, or 45UVFS1 remote Flame Scanners, comprises a repetitive self-checking flame safeguard system that confirms flame presence and absence to provide reliable ignition and flame failure protection.

Dimensional drawings of the control, wiring base and scanners are shown in Figure 10. For detailed information on Type 45RM1 and Type 45RM2 Scanners, see Bulletin CU-26; for Type 45UV5 Scanners, see Bulletin CU-22; for Type 45RM4, see Bulletin CU-31; for type 45FS1, 45UVFS1 see Bulletin CU-32.


The Fireye 25SU5 Control enables construction of integrated safety interlock systems for single and multiple burner fired apparatus including power, industrial process, and electric utility furnaces and boilers that fire gas, oil, pulverized coal or a combination of fuels on a continuous basis. The 25SU5 Control may also be employed in the safety control circuits of supervised manual and semi-automatic burner management systems as the primary safety control. This flame safeguard system monitors flame to supervise burner and pilot performance throughout the entire burner load range. During normal burner start-up and operation, the 25SU5 Control confirms flame presence and activates a sequence of auxiliary devices to indicate flame status and permit the delivery and ignition of fuel for continuous firing. Conversely, in the event of ignition failure during light-off or loss of flame while in operation, the control, in conjunction with external logic, initiates a burner shutdown procedure. Protective devices are automatically tripped to:
  • Confirm flame failure through visual indication and alarm.
  • Cut off ignition energy.
  • De-energize the fuel safety shutoff valves
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