Vital-Flo Tankless Water Heater Descaler Kit
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Vital-Flo Tankless Water Heater Descaler Kit
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Vital-Flo Tankless Water Heater Descaler Kit :
  • Restore heat and flow capabilities of tankless water heaters by dissolving scale formed by naturally occuring minerals in the water supply. Procedure saves on utility costs
  • Vital-Flo kit is ideal for use in residential, commercial and industrial locations
  • Kit simplifies periodic cleaning of tankless water heaters in service
  • Vital-Flo Descaler is a fast acting, time-proven chemistry ideal for descaling tankless water heaters
  • Safe on metals in tankless water heater

The Vital-Flo Tankless Water Heater Descaler Kit is a complete service tool for descaling tankless water heaters. It consists of a submersible descaler pump, a set of five foot 3/4" female hose threaded assemblies, 8 fluid ounces of formulated descaler solution packaged in a lidded four gallon chemical resistant container. The pump and hose assemblies in the kit are designed for repeated use for ongoing descaling requirements. The lid on the canister has a port that allows the hose assemblies and electrical cord to be feed through the lid while the lid is fastened to the canister. This feature provides added safety during the descaling process in a residential, commercial or industrial location.

The Vital-Flo Descaler is an effective, proven chemistry for tankless water heat descaling. The solution is available separately and packaged so each bottle is appropriate for a typical service call.

In the process of heating water, tankless water heaters become fouled with efficiency-robbing scale deposits. Unless they are removed, the device will become inefficient and costly to operate.

Nu-Calgon’s Vital-Flo Tankless Water Heater Descaler Kit is an easy-to-use tool for descaling tankless water heaters periodically – depending on incoming water quality – to revitalize their performance. Benefits of the descaling include maintaining the end-user’s satisfaction with the operation of a properly sized tankless water heater, and reinstates the device’s energy savings since heat and flow capabilities are reset at a design condition.



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