Universal Zebra System with Universal Zebra Adapters & Accessories
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Universal Zebra System with Universal Zebra Adapters & Accessories

Universal Zebra System with Universal Zebra Adapters & Accessories
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Universal Zebra System with Universal Zebra Adapters & Accessories

Kit Includes:
  • UZ-1 Universal Zebra Basic ECM Troubleshooter
  • UZACC Universal Zebra Accessories Case
  • UZEXT Universal Zebra Main Harness Extension / Replacement
  • UZHMA Universal Zebra Adapter "A"
  • UZHMB Universal Zebra Adapter "B"
  • UZHMC Universal Zebra Adapter "C"
  • UZHME Universal Zebra Adapter "E"
  • UZHMF Universal Zebra Adapter "F"
  • UZPH1 Universal Zebra Motor Plug & Harness #1
  • UZPH2 Universal Zebra Motor Plug & Harness #2
  • UZPH3 Universal Zebra Motor Plug & Harness #3
  • UZPH4 Universal Zebra Motor Plug & Harness #4
The Universal Zebra System (UZ-1) is a collection of tools designed to assist technicians with diagnosing Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) problems. Multiple ECM motors by multiple manufacturers are entering the HVAC-R marketplace and being adopted by most equipment makers today. This is great news for homeowners, who will find significant energy savings. However, when the motors stop working correctly and YOU are called to fix it, will you be prepared with the correct tools for the job?

The Universal Zebra System: It comes with our most popular Adapter “A” (UZHMA), which fits the very common GE/Regal Beloit Series 2.0 and 2.3 motors. It is housed in a rugged case, that protects the tool, and a latch to secure it. It also contains a harness and power input clips. Inside the lid is a place to secure each adapter’s corresponding magnetic overlay card, which describes the functions of each switch and LED with respect to that specific motor series.

The System consists of 4 categories of tools, many of which are optional, so your System is customized to you, and to the way you work.
  • Basic Tool is model UZ-1 (we affectionately call it the UZ1.) It is able to test run a motor in one or more (up to six) speeds. It has seven LEDs and three 3-way switches. It arrives with one popular adapter, which fits the very common GE/Regal-Beloit series 2.0 and 2.3 motors.
  • Adapters couple the UZ1 to the motor. Six different adapters were available when the tool was released, with many more to come. In fact, we’re committed to making low-cost adapters available for virtually every new ECM motor that is introduced into the HVAC/R Industry. The PWM Signal Generator Adapter is available for testing motors that utilize PWM signal inputs.
  • Motor Power Cords with Plugs are necessary when you want to test a motor out of its air handler/furnace environment. Most ECM motors have special power input plugs, so bench testing can be challenging without access to these plugs. A wide variety is available, with more to come.
  • Accessories round out the System: • A 24” extension for the tool’s main harness is available (it can also be used to replace the original harness if the fan wheel gets too close!) • A rugged accessory case is available to protect your adapter and harness collection from getting damaged or lost. • Other items will be added to this category as you ask for them.
Product Features
  • Easy-to-Use; three 3-way switches and 7 LEDs
  • Rugged Latchable Case with Lead Storage Area
  • Full-Color Sleeve with Point-of-Purchase Information
  • Quick-reference Card bonded to inside lid of case
  • Owner's Mini-Manual included; Free Online Video Training


Product Type:

ECM Testing Kit

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