The A419 series controls are single-stage, electronic temperature controls with a Single-Pole, Double-Throw (SPDT) output relay. They feature a lockable front-panel touchpad for setup and adjustment, and a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for viewing the temperature and status of other functions. A Light-Emitting Diode (LED) indicates the controls output relay On/Off status. The A419 controls are available in 24 VAC or 120/240 VAC powered models. The A419 controls have heating and cooling modes, adjustable setpoint and differential, an adjustable anti-short cycle delay, and a temperature offset function. The setpoint range is -30 to 212°F (-34 to 100°C). The controls feature remote sensing capability and interchangeable sensors. The A419 controls are available in either NEMA 1, high-impact plastic enclosure suitable for surface or DIN rail mounting or NEMA 4X watertight, corrosion-resistant surface-mount enclosures.

  • Easy to Read Front Panel LCD:Displays the sensed temperature and control function status clearly, custom icons on the display indicate the control and system status at a glance
  • Wide Temperature Differential Adjustment Range (1 to 30F or C): allows the user to set a precise (1F or 1C) Temp differential from 1 to 30 (F or C) providing a much tighter differential than electromechanical controls
  • Adjustable anti-short cycle delay (0 to 12 minutes in 1 minute increments): Ensures that the output relay remains off for a user set time delay, which helps avoid hard starts, nuisance overload outages, and unnecessary equipment wear
  • Switch Activated Temperature Offset Function: Allows the user to shift the cut in and cutout setpoints by and adjustable offset based on the status of a user installed, external switch, such as a time clock.
  • High impact, Thermoplastic NEMA 1 or NEMA 4X Watertight, Corrosion-resistant enclosures: Increase application options, allowing surface and snap fit DIN rail mount, or Watertight surface mount
  • Lockable Front Panel Touchpad: Allows easy set up and adjustment of the A419 control setpoint, differential, and other functions, a concealed jumper locks the touchpad, and deters unauthorized adjustment of the control settings
  • Low and Line Voltage Models: Provide options for most refrigeration and HVAC control voltage applications

  • Range: -30 to 212°F (-34 to 100°C)
  • Differential: 1 to 30F° (1 to 30C°)
  • Sensor Lead Length: NEMA 1 Models 6-1/2 ft (2 m), NEMA 4X Models 9 in (0.25 m)
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Product Type:
Temperature Control
Enclosure Type:
Supply Voltage:
24 VAC Class 2
Lead Wire Length:
6-1/2 Feet
Temperature Control
Min Temp (F):
Max Temp (F):

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