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EZ Supreme on Demand Tankless Water Heater, 3-4 Bath w/ Direct Vent Kit (NG)
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EZ Supreme on Demand Tankless Water Heater, 3-4 Bath w/ Direct Vent Kit (NG)

EZ Supreme on Demand Tankless Water Heater, 3-4 Bath w/ Direct Vent Kit (NG)
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Product Highlights

Fuel Type icon
Natural Gas
Installation Type icon
Indoor Only
Capacity (BTU) icon
165000 BTU Capacity
Max Temp (F) icon
149°F Max Temp
Min Temp (F) icon
95°F Min Temp
Height (Inches) icon
28" Height


This heater is capable of supplying a constant supply of hot water to a home with up to 4 bathrooms. It actually delivers 6.4 gallons per minute of consistent and continuous hot water, and although impossible to do a direct comparison, makes an ideal replacement for up to a 100 gallon storage tank water heater, and is comparably priced. Savings in energy use will be immediately noticeable, and you will never run out of hot water, unlike with a storage tank equivalent.

The appliance white exterior and slim modern design, featuring an easy to use digital control panel, this model does not look out of place mounted anywhere in your home, and a significant number of existing customers have located an EZ Supreme in their utility room, opening up considerable space in their basement or other area which was previously occupied with a bulky storage tank.

The compact size and high output are only possible thanks to an advanced induction process, which is called direct vent. This feature utilizes a sealed dual-chamber forced air intake and exhaust pipe (flue). This very special exhaust, which is an integral part of the design, and comes included in the purchase price* is a sealed system that runs the hot exhaust horizontally at a 94° angle through a side wall, leaving the outer pipe chamber as a cold air intake, thus the flue serves two distinct purposes. Additionally, the intake air coming into the heater from the flue is first drawn into a large chamber built into the heater body where it travels down through the back side of the heater before being drawn into the combustion chamber. This design captures ambient heat that radiates from the combustion process, thus pre-heating the incoming combustion air which increases the efficiency even more!

  • Please note: This heater must exit horizontally. (Typically from an exterior wall mounted location) But with this simple and effective system, there is no need for a roof rain cap, complicated condensation drain apparatus, anti-freeze/back-draft trap door, or room air cubic feet calculations. Your installation technician can mount this unit to an exterior wall, place one hole into the wall for the Stainless Steel horizontal-exit direct-vent concentric pipe and in no time, you'll be up and running. No need to calculate what exhaust components you need and order them separately at additional cost as we furnish free of charge* the basic system that works for 90% of exterior wall mount applications
  • Extensively tested in our USA laboratory and in our own homes, this model delivers up to 6.4 gallons per minute (at a 45F temperature rise) of consistent and continuous hot water. This unit is an excellent choice for conservative minded persons living in homes with one or two baths.
  • This model features our advanced sealed double-chamber forced air intake - exhaust system.
  • Fully-automatic operation. Simply turn on the water spigot or shower, hot water will arrive in a few moments. After the tap is turned off, the tankless heater will automatically extinguish itself.
  • Key Touch water temperature settings and on-off switch with easy to understand advanced technology display.
  • Special sealed chamber forced air intake and exhaust pipe (flue). The exterior of the sealed dual-chamber stainless steel "flue" pipe system is for the arrival of intake or combustion air. The interior chamber is the forced air exhaust. With this advanced feature, the exterior surfaces of the flue are cooled by the incoming combustion airflow. In addition to a much cooler flue pipe exterior, the intake air is taken from outside the home. This method eliminates the potential for back draft of your furnace or gas dryer, as well as preventing escape of furnace supplied heating or air conditioning which can be drawn out of the home by tankless heaters which use "room-air combustion intake" designs.
  • Featuring a “proportional control valve for electricity and gas”. According to the changing parameter’s of the temperature sensor in the hot water outlet pipe, the micro-chip automatically and instantaneously signals the proportioning valve to adjust the gas volume, keeping the hot water temperature constant.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and simple design features make this unit easy to use and install as well as unobtrusive if located within view of working or living spaces.
  • Electronic control system via computer chip is advanced and extremely reliable. This "No pilot light" design is safe and convenient, using automatic ignition to further your energy savings.
  • Featuring a precise and safe water flow sensor to stabilize the exit water flow.
  • Independent control of water flow and gas flow making it easy to regulate the water temperature.
  • If the water supply is interrupted, the gas valve will automatically turn off.
  • High thermal efficiency and superb combustion performance.
  • With double proportional valves for winter and summer, the inlet water temperature range is much wider.
  • Low water pressure ignition. The heater can function at 35 PSI water pressure. Making this unit suitable for users living at high altitude or those using well water with older or less powerful pumping systems.
  • Automatic adjustment of the gas supply and exhaust fan rpm coordinated with the water temperature setting and available water volume, saves even more gas and water.
  • Implementing the latest in Advanced Intelligence (AI) design, when restarting, the computer system automatically remembers the temperature settings entered at last use instead of resetting


Capacity (BTU):




Fuel Type:

Natural Gas

Flow Range (GPM):


Gas Connection:


Water Connection:


Max Temp (F):


Min Temp (F):


Installation Type:

Indoor Only

Height (Inches):


Width (Inches):


Depth (Inches):


BTU (Max):


Vent Type:

Direct Vent




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