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The Hydrolevel VXT steam boiler water feeder offers the homeowner the convenience of maintaining a safe water line in the boiler — automatically. In addition to this added convenience, The VXT is the first automatic steam boiler water feeder designed to monitor the amount of water added to a steam boiler. The addition of make-up water raises the oxygen level in a boiler and accumulates lime and other mineral deposits. Excessive boiler make-up water can cause cast iron boilers to rust internally, severely shortening the boiler’s life. Mineral deposits from too much make up water can impede heat transfer causing cast iron boiler sections to overheat and crack. Unlike any other water feeder, the VXT can protect the life of a boiler by exposing system leaks giving you the information you need to diagnose and repair the system before it’s too late.
  • Added Convenience -
    No more trips to the basement to add water to the boiler.
  • Universal Compatibility -
    Works with all probe and float type low water cut-offs.
  • Digital Feed Counter -
    Brightly illuminated feed counter displays the amount of water added to the boiler — essential in diagnosing water loss problems that can severely shorten the life of a steam boiler. Built-in memory prevents power interruptions from clearing the counter.
  • Programmable Feed Delay -
    Helps prevent flooded boilers. Allows time for condensate to return to the boiler before starting a feed cycle — ensuring that additional water is needed.
  • Programmable Feed Amount Settings -
    Six settings provide two ways to feed. 1-5 gallon settings now feed above the probe to restore the boiler’s normal operating level. Or, select LWCO setting to end the feed cycle when the low water cut-off re-energizes the burner.
  • Manual Feed Button -
    Allows for additional make-up water at the touch of a button. Manual feed amounts are recorded and added to the total gallons displayed by the feed counter.
  • Underfeed Protection -
    If one feed cycle is not sufficient to restore boiler operation, the VXT will delay and feed one additional cycle.
  • Lockout Flood Protection -
    The VXT locks-out to prevent steam system flooding and costly water damage if burner operation does not resume after two consecutive feed cycles.
  • On-Board Diagnostics -
    LED also indicates key control functions.
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Steam Boilers



Feed Rate:


Max Vessel Pressure:

15 psi

Max Pressure (PSI):


Connection Type:




Max Inlet Water Temp (F):


Power Consumption:

15 VA



Reset Type:


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