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EPS Air Handler Block 8" x 8" x 4" (White)

EPS is a resilient, light-weight, foamed plastic which has a density range between 1.0 and 3.0 pcf for most construction applications. Within that range, EPS can be molded to achieve varying densities, providing the mix of strength and insulating properties to meet specific application requirements at minimum cost.
EPS has a successful thirty-year history of efficient use in construction for industrial, commercial, residential and low-temperature buildings. In Europe, where energy efficiency has long been a primary design consideration, architects have made EPS the dominant thermal insulation.

Long-term insulation values: EPS insulation (1.0 pcf) provides a typical R value of 3.9 per inch (K factor = 0.26) at a mean temperature of 75 degrees F (R = 4.17 per inch at 40F). The R value of EPS insulation is permanent because the cellular structure of EPS contains only stabilized air. Its R value will not decrease as it ages.

Cost efficiency: EPS insulation typically costs less than other commonly used materials when compared on the bais of R value.

Moisture resistance: A new study by the Energy Materials Testing Laboratory (EMTL) has shown that EPS insulation installed in well-constructed roofs does not absorb appreciable moisture, even under conditions characteristic of prolonged cold, damp winters. The small amount of moisture that may be absorbed (an average of 0.2% by weight) has little or no effect on compressible or flexibility strength, and EPS insulation will retain between 95% and 97% of its thermal efficiency.
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