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Note: Product Title reflects this boiler's IBR Net Output Rating

Please note: These units come as Natural Gas as standard, but includes the orifice to convert to Propane. A separate conversion kit is NOT required.

Burnham is devoted to pushing the limits of heating technology and efficiency. Their ingenuity is responsible for some of the most efficient boilers on the market today. The Alpine line brings advanced controls together with modulating firing and condensing technology for optimal energy use. By reusing heat contained in the exiting flue gasses and adjusting firing based on current needs, the ALP080BW-4T02 can achieve 95 percent efficiency. The Alpine's advanced technology also makes installation and operation of your boiler easier than ever. Consolidated connections, preprogrammed settings, and common sense interface prompts all contribute to the ALP080BW-4T02's ease of use. Getting the most out of your energy dollar doesn't have to be a complicated affair, and Burnham proves it with the Alpine.

  • The Sage2.2 Control System is standard on - and exclusive to - Alpine hot water boilers. These controls are among the most feature rich in the marketplace. Sage2.2 controls include pump outputs, safety controls, Modbus connectivity, and efficiency improving programs.
  • Proprietary Internal Condensate System - Burnham has developed their own condensate removal system for Alpine boilers. A polypropylene condensate trap is combined with an internal cutoff switch to prevent efficiency-robbing corrosion on the stainless steel heat exchanger.
  • Manage Multiple Boilers - Sage2.2 controls feature a "plug and go" sequencer for managing up to eight Alpine boilers. The sequencer will adjust firing rates and run times to optimize system efficiency while minimizing temperature swings. Multiple boiler control requires a header sensor and may not be used with a Modbus interface.
  • Outdoor Reset Control - The ALP080BW-4T02 includes an outdoor temperature sensor and outdoor reset capability. With outdoor reset enabled, the Sage2.2 control will use outdoor temperature information to further refine your system's efficiency.
  • Installation Flexibility - Alpine boilers have options to suit a variety of applications. They are field convertible to liquid propane without any additional parts. Direct PVC venting is standard, but the ALP080BW-4T02 also supports stainless steel and concentric vent systems.
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Fuel Type:
Natural Gas
System Type:
Hydronic (Water)
Height (Inches):
EI/Spark Ignition
Direct Vent
Wall Mounted
Depth (Inches):
Vent Size:
Water Connection:
Gas Connection:
BTU Input:
DOE Rating:
IBR Rating:
Boiler Type:
High Efficiency
Width (Inches):
Vent Type:
Direct Vent
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