Fantech Fans

Fantech manufactures innovative residential and commercial ventilation products designed to solve air movement problems and improve indoor air quality in homes and buildings. Fantech provides top quality Power Roof Ventilators, Wall Fans, Inline Fans, Air Circulators and Specialty Fans. Fantech helps create a healthy home environment with Fantech Residential ventilation products, including solutions for bath, kitchen, laundry and whole house applications.

Manuals -

Bathroom Fans

This category contains a variety of premium bathroom exhaust fans, including single g

Kitchen Fans

Today's kitchens have become much more than a place for cooking and food preparation.

Inline Duct Fans

Inline Duct fans are exhaust fans mounted in-between ducting, hence the name inline d

Laundry Fans

Fantech inline Dryer Exhaust Duct Power Ventilators (DEDPV), (previously known as Dry

HP Inline Radon Fans

Fantech HP Series fans meet the challenges of Radon applications. HP Series fans are

Commercial Fans

Fantech Commercial Fans include Axial Fans, Shutter Fans, and Propeller Fans. Here yo

Ceiling Fans

This quiet, built-in automatic backdraft damper located in duct connect has a sound-a

Roof Mounted Fans

Gone are the days when the exhaust fan on the roof ran continuously wasting energy an

Supply & Exhaust Grilles

This category includes a variety of plastic (round) supply and exhaust grilles manufa

Controls & Switches

This category contains controls and switches manufactured by Fantech.

Duct Supplies

This category contains a variety of duct supplies, including clamps, dampers, metal a